5 Reasons to Attend That Church Conference

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Someone asked me recently about what church communications conferences there are available. I shared with them a list of the ones I knew of which prompted them to ask, “If you could only choose one, which of these would you choose?” Without hesitation I said That Church Conference.

Now don’t get me wrong, the other conferences on the list all had great qualities, speakers, topics and content, but there is just something about That Church Conference which puts it in a different category, at least in my opinion.

Here are my top 5 reasons to attend That Church Conference

The Best Speakers

Those presenting are people who understand both the beauty and challenge of church communications. All of them come with experience working in churches, which allows them to speak the language of anyone who attends. This spoke volumes to me at the first conference I attended. I wasn’t entering a conference of speakers who talked in theory, but rather provided practical information that I could immediately apply.

The presenters are also real people. No I don’t mean holograms or robots, although that would be pretty sweet. What I mean is you get the opportunity to interact with the presenters. They aren’t on stage and then distance themselves from everyone after they are done. Rather they take the time to answer questions individually and are genuinely interested in you, your story and helping you succeed.

Practical Content

Practical. Practical. Practical. Did I say practical? The content and information shared is some of the most practical and easily applicable content I have ever received at a conference. Because of the more intimate nature of the conference, you can take your computer and apply what is being shared immediately, and if you have questions the people are there to help. After the first conference I attended, within a day or so I had already implemented a strategy of listening and relationship building through social media.

Genuine Community

This is by far one of the biggest reasons to attend a That Church Conference event. You are instantly part of an incredible community of people who are in church communications sharing the same joys and frustrations. I felt like I was on an island doing church communications until I attended the conference. Once I was there I realized that there were other people who spoke my language, shared in my struggles, and celebrated my joys.

This community begins when you sign-up and are able to connect online through twitter lists and a conference and/or workshop Facebook group. If you signup as a PRO member you also get access to private Facebook groups where people freely share their ideas, strategies, and help answer your questions.

Interactions begin to happen online and by the time the conference comes around it’s like getting together with longtime friends and family. I know that may sound a little far fetched, but trust me, it happens and it is awesome. I don’t know of many other conferences where this type of connection and community happens. Plus you get the opportunity to attend a rooftop party! What’s not to love about that?

Multiple Cities

That Church Conference is in places like San Diego, Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta. All great places to enjoy a workshop or conference and do a little sight-seeing. Rates are affordable and all throughout the year there are discounts to be found. Additional locations for upcoming workshops are being looked at too. This means you have multiple opportunities to enjoy the fun of That Church Conference in a city near you.

If for some catastrophic reason you cannot physically get to an event there is also the option of joining via the live stream. I recently attended the San Diego workshop via the live stream. It was a great quality stream and excellent content, but sitting in my office in snowy Ohio was not anywhere close to being there with the people in sunny San Diego. However, the live stream is a great option and one that allows you to include your whole team for one affordable price.

If you have the means, I highly encourage you to get to an event in person. It is worth the investment.

Resources and Sweet Swag

Along with the amazing content presented are all the resources that you receive such as: access to Facebook groups, ongoing training through the website, and free and/or discounted memberships with some great sites and organizations. All the sessions are available post-conference along with session slides and notes. To top it all off you get conference swag and giveaways – which who doesn’t love a little swag and free stuff now and then?!

Added Bonus (Just because)… Renewal

This was one thing I did not expect at a communications conference. The format is not typical of a church based conference that has worship, preaching and thousands in attendance. This conference is smaller and practical, but when a conference is centered around Jesus and the work of the church, it is bound to give you a little spiritual shower. Every time I am part of a That Church Conference gathering, I come back refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated to go back to do the best job I can at telling the greatest story the church has to tell, both physically and digitally. This job is hard and there are days I wonder if anything I do is making an impact. It is nice to get together with a hundred or so of my friends and be lifted up, dusted off, reminded why I do what I do and that this work matters.


There you have it. These are my top five reasons (and a bonus) as to why you should attend That Church Conference or one of the workshops. Don’t be satisfied with my word though, you should come, see and experience for yourself. I would love to connect with you or answer any questions you might have.





Meghan is one of our regular contributors and is the Associate Pastor of Fairborn UMC in Fairborn, Ohio where she oversees all digital and social media communications. She also works as a digital communications consultant for churches, local businesses, and non-profits.

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