5 Reasons you do NOT want to be a PRO Member of ThatCC

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If you are in church communications, you have probably had a few questions that you would love to bounce off someone. You want somewhere you can go to get resources, ideas, and help. I have been there, and honestly am still there from time to time.

There are some excellent sites out there where you can gain access to resources, professionals who have worked in communications and know the tips, tricks, and tools necessary to leverage a message so the masses can hear it. There is usually just one problem; all these sites cost money. So how do you choose which ones to buy into and which ones to stay away?

I want to help you out. Instead of telling you all the reason you should join a site, I’m going to share with you some reasons you do NOT want to become a PRO Member with That Church Conference.


Reason #1: Do NOT Join ThatCC if you know everything.

Seriously. If you know everything there is to know about social media, graphic design, church-based marketing and communications, crisis management; you will waste your time with a PRO Membership. There is a ton of content and information shared on a daily basis in the private Facebook Group and on the site itself. This constant flow of information would probably bore you and be of no value.


Reason #2: Do NOT Join ThatCC if you enjoy being an island.

ThatCC is all about community, collaboration, and the sharing of information and resources. If you cannot stand any of that, you do not want to be part of ThatCC. Conversations happen within the Facebook Group and in the various discussion groups on the site. These discussions are helpful, spirit-filled, uplifting and informational. If that is of no interest and you find yourself having better conversations with “me, myself and I” then do not spend your money here.


Reason #3: Do NOT Join ThatCC if you love stagnation.

If you enjoy living in the 80’s technology wise, then this group is of no help. Don’t get me wrong; the 80’s was a fun time – one word: NEON. It doesn’t get better than neon, big hair, and leg warmers. However, culture has moved well past the 80’s, and the church needs to as well. This community is all about innovation, forward movement, and keeping up with digital and social media communication trends. So, if you would rather spend time faxing your next request and jamming to Cyndi Lauper and Wham!, by all means, go ahead.


Reason #4: Do NOT Join ThatCC if you loathe having fun.

We have a lot of fun in this community. It might be hard to imagine an online community having a good time, but it happens, often. From the banter on the podcasts and webinars to the subtle, ok maybe not subtle, sarcasm in the conversations within the Facebook Group, having fun is required. If the “meh” emoji describes you best, another site is probably better for you. ?


Reason #5: Do NOT Join ThatCC if you hate free stuff and lots of perks.

One of the biggest benefits of being a PRO Member of ThatCC are the free resources and crazy perks!

Check this out – with a PRO Membership you get:

  • A free SundaySocial.tv membership, which is curated social media content.
  • On-Demand Access to every session of the workshops and conferences
  • The ability to join every event through the Live Stream at no additional cost
  • Invite to a Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content
  • Discounts on conferences
  • And discounts from Church.org, TVApp.Church, Tithe.ly and more.

But if you don’t like free stuff, discounts and exclusive access that’s cool, don’t join because the incredible perks will drive you crazy.


BONUS: Do NOT Join ThatCC if the message of Jesus means nothing to you.

If you don’t care about Jesus, the local church, or moving people forward in their faith – don’t join. The goal of ThatCC is to provide practical communication training and resources for church leaders so that we can tell the best story the church has to tell. That story is all about Jesus and how he has the power to change lives. This community will not only encourage and enhance your communication skills but your faith journey as well.

I love this community. It is a lifeline for me in this world of digital communications. You can decide for yourself, though. I can promise one thing – if you choose to join it will be worth your investment. Sign up here. Plus, I’m part of the community, that should be more than enough. ?