6 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn’t So Bad

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In case you haven’t heard, people didn’t like 2016. Sure, some crazy things happened (like a certain presidential election and a slew of celebrity deaths).

So while 2016 was certainly an odd one, it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, here are 6 reasons why 2016 was actually pretty good:

  1. iPhone 7 Plus camera When Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus earlier this year, the biggest change was the dual camera setup. These are used for “Portrait Mode,” giving you the “blurry background” pictures once achieved only on DSLR cameras. What does this mean? Your church can have high quality images and videos from a phone. No more expensive or cumbersome equipment.
  2. Live video Live streaming isn’t new. What is new, however, is easy live streaming. Services like Periscope opened up free live streaming to the public, but Facebook Live was the live streaming game changer this year. One of your pastors or church leaders can answer questions or teach directly from a phone, opening the door for great opportunities to reach your congregation and beyond. And now live video is built into Twitter and Instagram as well.
  3. The Cubs won the World Series. It only happens once every 108 years, and it made Bill Murray very happy. 
  4. 360 degree photos Back in June, Facebook announced 360 degree video. Take a panoramic picture on your phone, then Facebook turns it into an interactive experience. They’ve since added 360 degree video, which is a bit more difficult to do. But photos are simple. And they allow your church to put people in the middle of the action, whether it’s a mission trip, student camp, or some other event. Make people feel like they’re along for the ride.
  5. More online courses available to stay sharp The e-learning industry, more commonly known as “online courses,” is huge. Like billions of dollars big. And it grows daily. With the cost of producing courses lower than ever, you can learn from subject matter experts in any field you choose. (Just take a look at all the content that has been added to the media library for PRO members.)
  6. God is still in control The faithfulness and providence of God isn’t thwarted by a wacky calendar year. The promises of Scripture still apply in the strangest of times. So just calm down. While this year was a bit odd, it didn’t catch God by surprise. He saw it coming, and His plans are still at work. (And if you’re still nervous, go read the end of the Bible. Spoiler: we win).

That’s certainly not everything… share below some of your favorite highlights from 2016.