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Ben Stapley

Video Director, Liquid Church

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THATCC: Ben, tell us about yourself.

BEN: Over the past 20 years I have captured memorable moments & media for individuals, non-profits & corporations across the globe. Some of the fields that I have worked in include teaching, videography, photography, stage design, radio, reporting & producing.

I received a BA in Video Communication from MBI in Chicago. After graduating I worked in Toronto as a television reporter and producer for Context, a national news program. For a decade I crafted compelling services at South Ridge Community Church as the Director of Programming & Media. In 2011 I received my MDiv from Biblical Theological Seminary. I am currently on staff at Liquid Church in NJ as the Video Director.

I live in beautiful Hunterdon County, NJ, with my wonderful wife, Rose, and our lovely daughters, Violet & Scarlet. I get my adrenaline fix by riding motorcycles, playing paintball, and shooting hoops.

THATCC: You’ve been in your role at Liquid Church for about 6 months. Tell us what you do over there.

BEN: Liquid Church is located in the Manhattan facing communities of New Jersey. We currently have five campuses. We are launching our sixth this fall. About 3,500 people attend every Sunday. That’s actual numbers not pastor inflated numbers! The vision of Liquid Church is to “Saturate the State with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I have four main roles at Liquid. 1) Produce Broadcast Service – We record at our broadcast campus and then package the message for playback at our other campuses the following week. 2) Shape Message Content – Brainstorm series ideas, develop creative skins and innovate new elements in our preaching ministry. 3) Video Content – Oversee a team of staff to create compelling video content. 4) Online Pastor – Connect and pastor our online community through recorded videos, online chat, and digital life groups.

THATCC: What do you love the most about your role in the church?

BEN: The creative process is the most exciting thing I do at Liquid. Listening to the Spirit to identify what direction he wants our church to go – forming a game plan based about the direction – then creatively executing the plan. I enjoy seeing the Spirit lead us throughout this process. He is equally involved in our leadership and artistic community as we plan, practice, and perform.

THATCC: We know ministry isn’t always easy. What is one of the biggest struggles you face, and how do you overcome it?

BEN: Striving for excellence with limited resources in an environment of go-getters. It can be easy to put your particular area of oversight ahead of the larger value and win for the church / organization. When this happens, departments compete against each other for limited resources instead of working with each other for the common goal. We continually work to overcome this by stating, printing, and plastering our organization goals all over the place. Vision leaks, so we constantly pour it back into our staff.

THATCC: What obstacles do you think the church is facing right now when it comes to reaching more people with the gospel?

BEN: Within my local church the biggest obstacle would be retention rates. We do an awesome job at attracting people to Liquid but we are still growing in our ability to retain folks. This past year we doubled down our efforts to lead people towards life groups and have already seen positive effects. Nationally speaking the church needs to accept and acknowledge that we are living in a post-christian culture and change our ministry model to reflect this reality. Globally speaking that is above my pay grade.

THATCC: If you were the Lead Pastor of your church, what is something you would change?

BEN: We currently ‘change the channel’ with our message series fairly frequently. The goal is to keep people engaged so our message series are 3-4 weeks long. Because most church goers don’t attend every week, I am thinking about the potential of extending our series to 5-6 weeks.

THATCC: What is something you want to share with someone who is just starting out in church communications?

BEN: The first piece of advice is exposure. Get exposed to as many great communicators within and without the church as possible. The second is to follow practical and aspirational churches. It is easy to follow the mega-churches to build up your dreams and aspirations. But you should also follow churches that you could actually and practically implement ideas from. You want to look at the top of the ladder and also one rung up.

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