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We built this site to give church practitioners a platform and a voice. We love this community’s desire to share and collaborate as we all help lift up and grow the Church. One way you can contribute is to submit blog posts to our public Community Blog. You can do so with a free account.

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Posting Guidelines

Here are a few things to keep in mind when blogging for us:

  • Your article should be completely original and not published anywhere else.
  • We have the final say on the article’s quality and readiness (In other words we decide if and when it goes live.)
  • We won’t reject a post without trying to help you with it first.
  • Your article must be completely finished when you go to submit it for review (specific guidelines below).
  • You can save your article as a draft if you need more time with it. We can see it but won’t touch it until you submit it for review.
  • Your article must have correct citation on all copy, content, and media (specific guidelines below).
  • Your article may be edited and/or revised to match the tone and culture of the site. We will also fix spelling and grammar where necessary.
  • You grant a license to That Church Conference, LLC to be the exclusive publisher of the article online. You may republish extracts online, such as your own blog, however the full article in its entirety should not appear anywhere else.
  • You will retain author rights to the post, but you are giving us irrevocable rights to publish the post for as long as we want to.
  • Don’t forget to complete your profile, including a photo, your bio, and social media links. We’ll link to your profile in the post byline.

Please, follow these guidelines when submitting your post:


  • It’s good practice to draft and keep a copy of your post on your local system in case of a system glitch.
  • We’ll give it a quick edit before we publish, but please check grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submitting your post.
  • Capitalize “Church” when referring to the collective Church, lowercase “church” when referring to the local congregation.
  • We prefer that you do not capitalize pronouns referring to God. (use “he” instead of “He”)
  • Cite your source at the end of your post in this format: [via LINKED-SOURCE-NAME]
  • For acknowledging someone/somewhere for bringing something to your attention: [HT: LINKED-NAME]


  • In general, start a new paragraph every three to four sentences and between each point/topic.
  • Highlight headings show styling options and choose H2 or H3 to add hierarchy to your post.
  • Use bullet point or numbered lists to break up content and make it more readable.
  • Avoid superfluous italics, bold emphasis, trailing “…” ’s and UPPERCASING of words. Italics can be used for tonal emphasis or in place of quotation marks (such as referencing the title of a book), and bold emphasis may be used occasionally.
  • Add [Infographic], [Video], and [Images] respectively, at the end of the title if your post includes any of these.


  • Make sure images are properly licensed (Creative Commons only, no commercial licensed images).
  • You can find great free to use images at
  • All images must be hosted by us, not linked.
  • There is an option to add a featured image (use a photo at least 1200px wide and 300px high).
  • Don’t worry, if you don’t provide a featured image we will choose one that fits with the article and add it for you.
  • Please don’t add a featured image embedded in the post itself – use the upload field to add it.
  • All images should be 1200px wide, unless you’re displaying smartphone screenshots.
  • Never end a post with only an image. Write something.
  • Cite your photo source at the end of your post in this format: [Image via LINKED-AUTHOR-NAME] It’s also fun to add a little flare: [Awesome superhero image via LINKED-AUTHOR-NAME-OR-WEBSITE].


  • Use Vimeo and YouTube links as is; our site will magically embed the video.
  • If the video is the centerpiece of the post, add [Video] to the end of the title (unless ‘Video’ is in the title: i.e. “Video Inspiration”).
  • Never end a post with only a video. Write something.
  • If the video is not yours, make sure to cite who it’s from.

Downloads & Links

  • You can link to a file hosted on your own site, Dropbox, etc.
  • You can also submit files to our site to be featured in the Resources section. We will then add a link to the resource in your post.

If you have any questions about how to submit a post, email us at

(H/T to ChurchMag for helping us write these guidelines.)