CHURCH COMMUNICATORS: 10 things you need to do RIGHT NOW

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  1. Make a list of 5 things you’re thankful for on a sticky note. Stick it to your laptop or desktop. This job can be tough, and other departments don’t always realize what it takes to pull it off. Sometimes it feels like nobody gets you and being thankful can help you remember why you do what you do.
  2. Save whatever you’re working on and check that your files are all backed up. It takes 2 minutes, and could save you hours or weeks in lost work.
  3. Check all of your social media channels for bios and comments or questions. Is the profile picture current and consistent across all channels, is the description complete and accurate, is your website in the bio? While you’re there, answer any comments or questions. Nobody likes to wait.
  4. Write a thank-you email to someone you report to. Their job can be tough too, and just like they may not understand everything you do, you may not have a full grasp of everything they’re going through.
  5. Stand up, turn around and sit back down. It’s a thing we did in kids church to refresh, refocus and get attention back. You may need a laugh, you may need to refocus or you may just need some fresh oxygen in your system to finish the day. If you’re reading this and you actually do it, take a selfie video and let me know (@adam_mclaughlin)
  6. Check your schedule for this weekend. Is there anyone away, positions not yet filled or opportunities that you could invite a new team member to shadow you, and train them to learn what you do?
  7. Write down what you need to announce Sunday. Put it in an email to everyone on your team to review and let them know by the end of the day tomorrow, there will be no more changes or additions to this week’s announcements. If you create video announcements, let them know the future date and set a deadline for submissions or corrections.
  8. Sign up for That Church Summit here: – It’s free, and with the speed of change we live in, you need to hear what other people are up to. Whether you put it on in the background as you work on July 25 & 26 or set aside time to watch and focus, register now and decide later.
  9. Send this message to someone who doesn’t yet serve on your team: Hey ___.  Our team has been growing and we have an opening for _____ and I thought you’d be a great fit. If you’re not available, you may know someone who is. Would you have 5 minutes to connect so I can tell you about where we’re going as a team?
  10. Name 1 process that you always do yourself, and set a date to have it written out so someone else can take it over. This could be turning on the sound system when you’re away, turning off the sound if you need to leave early, turning on the TVs in the kids rooms, how to decide what to post on Facebook this week, or how to answer when someone calls and asks a difficult question. Whatever that 1 process is, write it down, and by when can you have someone else start doing that for you?


11. If you’re frustrated with your church announcements being too confusing or not getting adequate response, download my ebook and start clarifying your announcements so you can inspire a response this weekend: