We like to highlight what our community members are doing in the church and for the Kingdom. We want to give you a platform to share what you are working on in hopes that it might help others in their roles. Want to be interviewed?

SlyKingSly King

Social Media Coordinator/Online Campus Pastor at The Worship Center Christian Church

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THATCC: Hey Sly, tell us about yourself, your family, your favorite food, etc.

SLY: Well I am married with 6-year-old daughter and another girl on the way in November and that means more estrogen and I am out numbered! Pray for me! LOL! I was a radio personality for 10 years and working in ministry and then moved into the total calling God has on my life. So I am working now full time in ministry and handling all things related to social media that involves The Worship Center Christian Church and overseeing our Online Campus.

As for food, well I try to eat healthy and that’s a challenge at times but I do exercise and work to stay in shape. Speaking of food, I love to barbecue! I actually have my own catering service King’s BBQ Catering (shameless plug) LOL! That’s a true hobby and passion of mine. I love it! I can not go without mentioning my love for sports! Football is king baby!

THATCC: Tell us more about your role in the church and what you do.

SLY: Let’s see my role in the church…. I handle everything that’s related to social media and oversee our online campus and am also working on the completion of our mobile app. So yes I am pretty busy lol, but I love what I do. So for social media I manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and YouTube. I make sure that content is posted across all channels and that we are interacting and engaging our audience. With our online campus, me and my awesome teamwork to connect with everyone that joins us online every single week.

We are in the process of provided even more next step opportunities so that those that join us online can begin to serve with our support team after they go through our online growth track. I also handle any of the advertising we do with social media. It doesn’t just stop with that, you have to track your progress and see what kind of ROI you are getting so I have reports I work on weekly that help me see what progress we are making. Last but not least I also handle our Google Adwords account and that is absolutely awesome opportunity for non-profits so take advantage of it! There is a good chance I have likely missed something but I believe that’s about it.

THATCC: What do you like most about your role in the church?

SLY: Seeing people make a decision to accept Christ in their life! That’s the win and the ultimate goal! Everything we do is to give people the chance to know God, find freedom and make a difference. I just found out we have had 700 decisions for Christ via our online campus! That’s what it is all about! That’s why I love what I do! People no matter where they are around the world can connect with us and make the best decision in their life and that is to give their life to Christ. As the body of Christ that is the goal we should all have.

THATCC: What is one of the biggest struggles you face and how are you overcoming it?

SLY: It was developing next steps for those that join us online and make decision for Christ. My goal was to create a better way for connection and provide a clear outline of what happens after you accept Christ. I did not want people making a decision for Christ online and then not give them guidance on what happens next. We now have next step information available after make your decision and complete our connect card.

It is going to be even more robust once our new website launches because with that we will have next step videos explaining your decision and a chance for you to complete our growth track online and have the opportunity to serve with our support team. It was a struggle to get the ball rolling at first but now we are in the process of moving in the right direction and like anything we are always working on ways to improve and make it even better.

THATCC: What do you think is the biggest obstacle the church is facing right now to reaching more people with the gospel?

SLY: It’s reaching people where they are. That’s the struggle we have right now because technology continues to evolve and grow and as the church we must stay relevant and understand people must feel like they belong to something before they can truly connect to it. We are challenged with a millennial generation that wants real authentic connection nothing that is fake but something that is real!

That’s why our online campus small group has been so successful because we are doing something that allows people not only have a voice but feel like they belong to something and their opinions matter. It’s real authentic and transparent conversation and that’s what is needed. Most importantly the church needs to be a place of grace and God’s love for all people. How can we shout about God’s grace but never extended to others?

THATCC: You’re now the Lead Pastor of your church, what is the first thing you would change and why?

SLY: Truthfully, we are making the right changes that are positioning us to reach the lost and connect with people no matter where they are from. The direction we are going now is exactly where I would take us if that was my role. From the moment you step out of your car to the moment before you have your seat you should feel welcome no matter who you are. That’s the same mindset I explain to our online support team. Every person that logs in is greeted. So regardless of it’s our physical campuses or our online campus. It’s the same philosophy.

THATCC: What’s one practical piece of advice you can give to someone starting out in a church communications role?

SLY: Never stop learning! Take the limits off your mind and creativity and read everything you can that relates to communication and technology.

THATCC: Who influences you outside the church that would be helpful for others to follow?

SLY: Dr. Sam Chand, his knowledge on leadership is phenomenal! If you have not read Leadership Pain you must get the book! It really is a must read!

THATCC: Share your favorite podcasts, blogs, websites, and/or books you like that others might be interested in.

SLY: I really enjoy listening to Jay and Nils, they are really awesome at what they do! Have to also say if you have not read the iChurch Method books by Jason Caston you need to do so! He is outstanding at what he does and has a wealth of knowledge. I truly admire his work and accomplishments.