Communications Specialist



About Wes

It’s hard to stand out in the marketplace. Regardless of your industry, your customers are bombarded with noise from thousands of messages each day. You know your business can offer great value to customers, yet your message doesn’t seem to resonate with them. What’s missing from your business is a message that connects and converts.

As a Storybrand Certified Copywriter, I know how to write copy that amplifies your business above the noise. From websites to email campaigns to lead generating PDFs, I have the tools necessary to build a message for your business that will resonate with your customers. No matter the industry or niche, we will work together to connect your business to people who need the value you create.

My background includes digital communication and marketing in both for-profit and non-profit settings. Along with being a copywriter, I’m also a regular contributor at forbes.com. There I find out what companies do to find and keep great millennial talent.