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Let’s face it. If you work in communications or marketing for a church, chances are no one really knows what you do. Or worse, they don’t think a church should even employ your position. They just think you mess around on Facebook all day. They know you’re the person to go to when they want their event in the bulletin, but they don’t have a clue what you do day in and day out. We know better. We know what you do matters, so we want to help.

Maybe if you had a snazzier title people would be able to better understand what you do. It’s a start. Use the Job Title Generator below to pick out a new title for yourself. Then be sure to visit our friends at to order yourself some new business cards. ?

Your New Job Title:

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Your New Job Title:

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Pastor of Propaganda
Communications Architect
Attention Relocation Engineer
The Voice
Wizard of All Things Seen, Read, or Heard
Director of All the Things
Digital Missionary
Minister of Connectivity
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Facebook Liaison
Head Gatekeeper
Digital Media Specialist
Chief Brand Ambassador
The Maestro
Storytelling Director
Chief of Making It Happen
Reputation Master
Head Storyteller
Social Ninja
Word Alchemist

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