Join a Regional Church Communications Facebook Group

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We recently launched a series of new Facebook Groups for church communications leaders.

One of the most frequent requests we get from our PRO members and those who attend our conferences, is that they want an easier way to connect with other church practitioners who do what they do at other churches in their area.

There are a number of great church communications Facebook groups already, and some have connected with others this way. But until now there haven’t been too many groups that focus on connecting people regionally.

Our vision with these groups is to provide an easier way for you to connect, collaborate, share, and encourage one another. We wanted to create groups that let you dig deeper and build lasting relationships with those in your specific community, who are doing ministry in your context.

We’ve created a group for every US state, and plan on introducing groups for Canada soon. As interest grows we will add more regional groups as necessary. The hope is that¬†these groups would foster meet-ups in real life where church communicators can get to know each other better. We will do our best to facilitate these meetings, and even provide guest speakers and other resources as needed.

Find a group in your area, and if there isn’t one then contact us so we can explore creating one for your area. We’re also counting on some of you to step up as moderators who can help people continue to engage in conversation, as well as setup regular meetups, moderate comments, and help manage the group. Let us know if you’re interested.