Live Stream Schedule

That Church Conference 2020

Day One \\ Tue, Sept 22

Times are estimates. All times Eastern timezone.

“Staying Power: The Secrets To a Long and Successful Creative Career” [30min]

“The Key to Leading With Clarity and Confidence” [15min]

“Multi-Channel Ministry: 3 Trends For The Future of Church Communications” [10min]

“Creating a Social Policy for Your Church” [20min]

“Take Your Church’s Media from 0-100 in Three Months” [20min]

“The Theology of Boldness” [25min]

5 minute break.

“How to Be a Warrior In the Midst of a Tough Ministry Season” [30min]

“How to Create Digital Engagement” [30min]

“Physical Health of Church Leaders” [30min]

Are You Who You Say You Are? [15min]

Turn Your Staff Into Power Users” [15min]

“20 Social Post Ideas for Massive Engagement”

Be an Encouragement to Others” [20min]

Day Two \\ Wed, Sept 23

Times are estimates. All times Eastern timezone.

“Turning a Lost Season Into A Leveraged Season” [10min]

“5 Things Your Visitors Are Thinking But Won’t Ask” [75min]

“How Social Media Can Grow Your Impact as a Leader” [10min]

“Ideas for the Best Online Worship Experience” [20min]

“Be Known For Something” [20min]

5 minute break.

“Playing with Fire” [25min]

“How to Prevent Burnout in Your Team” [15min]

“Tell Better Stories Through Photography” [30min]

Digital Giving Trends” [30min]

“The Importance of Disciplining the Next-Gen Tik-Tokers”

“Our Mission in This Moment” [20min]

Day Three \\ Thur, Sept 24

Times are estimates. All times Eastern timezone.

“The Role of the Arts in the Church” [20min]

“Tips to Building an Effecitve Volunteer Minsitry” [10min]

“Being a Communications Leader at Your Church” [15min]

“Create A Stunning Church Welcome Video” [15min]

“A Mess of the Sexes: an in-depth discussion about how men and women can work better together in ministry.” [20min]

“Communicating Truth in Times of Anger and Anxiety” [20min]

“How to Use Private Messaging for Church Growth: 7 Key Strategies” [20min]

5 minute break.

“Your Call to Action” [20min]

“Building A Killer Team” [25min]

“How to Make G.R.E.A.T. Videos” [30min]

“Is the Pandemic an Interruption or a Disruption?” [20min]

“Evangelism in a Divided World” [30min]

“The Art of the Rebrand” [30min]

“4 Ways to Help Your Communication Team Win” [15min]

Day Four \\ Fri, Sept 25

Times are estimates. All times Eastern timezone.

“How to Recruit Volunteers and Say Yes to Everything” [20min]

“Why Details Don’t Matter in Your Church Communications” [20min]

“Leveraging Design to Impact Your Community” [25min]

“10 Steps to Protect Your Church Plant” [30min]

5 minute break.

Workshop: “Great Big Ideas: And What to Do With Them” [75min]

“No Losses, Only Lessons: As Long As You Learn, You Never Really Lose” [30min]

“Using Online Conversations for Good” [30min]

“4 Things Every Church Website Must Do” [25min]

Tips for Creating Effective Calls to Action [40min]