Church Social Media Policy

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Everyone in your church uses social media, from staff members, to volunteers and church members. These days every organization, event churches, need to have a policy in place that ensures employees who use social media (either as part of their job or in a personal capacity), have guidance as to the organization’s expectations of their behaviour and communication online.

A social media policy can be an organisation’s first line of defense in reducing risk for both the employer and the employee, and is a vital tool in protecting the reputation of the church.

This Social Media Policy for Churches is a fully developed policy that you can implement at your church right away, add to your Employee Handbook, or edit to work better for your organization.

Note that portions of this document have been developed and reviewed by actual attorneys, but we recommend that your church have an attorney and your HR department review any policies before implementing them at your church, particularly as laws vary from state to state. 

Includes editable Word and Pages versions as well as PDF.