Data and the Church, Interview with Steven Dilla

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“People convert to community before they convert to Christ.”

That foundational truth is what drives the heart of Steven Dilla and his team at Aspen Grove, a nonprofit helping cultivate the future church through training, tools, insights, and resources.

Justin Dean and Justin Brackett were able to interview Steven about the work that he is creating for the church, diving into topics on the theology behind our digital strategies, including the theological concerns behind “church online,” and we discuss the consequences of focusing on outputs over outcomes. (For example, are you thinking about the outcome: “What is this technology doing to our community?” or just the output: “How can we maximize Twitter engagement?”)

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Get to know Steven and his work at Aspen Grove and The Park Forum, and check out their blog for ministry leaders, Aspen Insights, as well as their Free Photography for churches and non-profits.

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On the theological side, here’s some of Steven’s tech-specific writings: