Part 2: Facebook Advertising with Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle

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This is the second part of our two part interview with Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle from Reach Out Marketing, discussing practical Facebook advertising tips. Be sure to watch Part One.

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Show Notes

In part two of our interview with the guys from Reach Out Marketing, Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle tear apart one of our current Facebook ads and teach us practical steps to getting better results from our Facebook marketing campaigns.

We walk through the steps a church should take to start out with Facebook ads, when to boost posts (and when not to!), and more.

Be sure to catch Part One for more practical Facebook advertising tips.

You can also join Andrew and Richy’s Facebook group for church marketers: Request to join the Church Marketing Group.

Here’s the key points in this video…

11:45 mark: Link to our Rick Rolled post

13:18 mark: Call To Action is critical

15:05 mark: The importance of a Landing Page for Ads

17:00 mark: The ad is the LAST thing you create in a campaign, NOT the first

17:35 mark: “Ad Set” Level defined

18:15 mark: Don’t spend so much on an initial ad. Run a cheap A/B test.

18:55 mark: How to Double your reach with a simple tweek

20:20 mark: Run as many $20 ads as you can and change 1 variable in each

20:45 mark: Run different images

21:00 mark: Never touch your ad in the first 24 hours

22:55 mark: Retargeting…When and Why

23:15 mark: Facebook Pixel Defined

24:34 mark: Van’s brain exploded

28:00 mark: Mailing Postcards versus doing an Ad

32:14 mark: Relevance Score

35:50 mark: Building a Custom Audience based on your email list

36:11 mark: Create a Lookalike Audience

38:25 mark: Our Ad Meets Its’ Demise

38:59 mark: Van gets a little too excited about a Mailchimp Import button

39:40 mark: We hire Andrew and Richy and give them ALL OUR MONEY

41:25 mark: Learn more at


You can also listen to the audio of this interview on our podcast.