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29 authors offer practical advice on creative ways to start with generosity.

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“What am I doing with my life?”

It’s a question that plagues millions of people daily.

Variations of this question run through our heads constantly, “What’s my purpose?” “How do I get from where I am to where I want to be?” “How do I finally become successful?”

These complicated questions leave us paralyzed about what step to take next. We end up doing nothing. Sitting. Waiting. Frustrated.

What if the solution to this paralysis came down to a single word: generosity?

It may sound too simple, but perhaps the answer to life’s most complicated questions can be found by first taking a single step of generosity. In this book, 29 authors will give you practical advice on creative ways to start with generosity. 

And generosity serves us well not only in pursuit of our own life’s purpose, but also in response to the changing social dynamics of today’s world. This quote from Dan White Jr. does well to articulate the tension,

“The culture wars scare the church into drawing battle lines but Jesus invites the church into building banquet tables.”

Could starting with generosity be the answer here as well? Fear is the easy choice, the selfish act, it’s love that requires generosity. One of the most selfless acts of faith is to choose love over fear.

This isn’t a book exclusively about money or tithing.Generosity goes deeper than our finances. Instead you’ll be encouraged to discover the true meaning of generosity – learning how to give in a way that costs us something.


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