We had such a great time at @thatchurchconf yesterday! I'm grateful for the opportunity our team had to talk about how we share the "Only God" story of @soulcitychurch . There are so many people on our team that are dedicated to serving God with their art and we couldn't do it with out them (tag)! And a huge shoutout to my staff partners in crime @semmerson and @ffabii !!! #thatcc #soulcitychurch
So great ministering with these foreigners 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇲🇽 at #thatcc Chicago 😂 I love that we all work for #churches and want to help all churches #communicate #churchcomm
Thankful for today's opportunity to learn from these genius, Christ-centered creatives at @thatchurchconf! How sweet it is to work in a field where "competitors" are truly out to help and lift each other up. #actuallyblessed #thatcc
Dylan and I on stage together. I loved sharing this trip with him. He has soaked up every minute of it and shown a real interest in what I do and why I do it. I'm so proud of him. #thatcc
So proud of @ffabii, @je_remy_lopez and the @soulcitychurch Social Media Team(@r.chen & #patrickmayberry were missed on stage)! Loved seeing @thatchurchconf highlight our teams Instagram design and process today!
Way to go team!
great workshop. great hosts. great memories. #thatcc
Such a privilege to be able to soak in some great insight. #beknownforsomething #thatcc
Great time at #thatcc with @justinjdean and @vanbaird Heading black home from Chicago. Can't wait to be home.
Another Chicago workshop in the bag. Can't believe we've done 5 events. I love bringing people together to help equip the church. This is the best job. #thatcc
A great pleasure finally getting to meet @benstapley at #thatcc
If you attended our Chicago Workshop, don't forget to download our app and take our survey. You might just win a prize. 😉 #thatcc
@ThatChurchConf thank you so much for bringing such wonderful speakers to #thatcc @DannyDelosReyes @benstapley @LMichelleJax @markmac1023 @soulcitychurch @semmerson @ffabii @je_remy_lopez
Eric having fun with "boomerang" after #thatcc
What projects are you excited to start working on after today's Chicago Workshop? #thatcc
So cool to hear my good friend @semmerson and some of the team from @soulcitychurch talking about their creative and communication processes @thatchurchconf #thatcc @slingshotgroup
Repost from @ajsister17
#thatcc the people making it happen. Thanks speakers and @soulcitychurch!
#thatcc the people making it happen. Thanks speakers and Soul City Church!
So pumped to be doing social media again at #thatcc! Love this crew!
Who are you connecting with from today's Chicago Workshop? Find someone sharing #thatcc and follow their account!
What are you learning so far from our Chicago Workshop today? #thatcc
Branding matters. What does your logo say about your church? - @markmac1023 #thatcc
☕️+💻=🙏 #thatcc
It's not too hot. It's not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. That makes today the Perfect Date for our Chicago Workshop at @soulcitychurch. See y'all soon!!! #thatcc
Look closely. It takes the people of God, being dependent only on Him to grow His church.
#thatcc #westloop #onlygod
Good Morning Chicago!! We are so excited to be back in the West Loop area. Can't wait to go worship with our pals at @soulcitychurch. #thatcc