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Founded in 2015

Helping Churches THRIVE & ENGAGE

We began as a small event in 2015 focused on helping digital communicators tell the best story the church has to tell.

Over the years ThatCC has grown into one of the biggest church conferences of the year, and not only a place for church workers to gain practical training, but a place where they can connect and collaborate in community with other people who do what they do.

That Church Conference is an annual conference that connects churches of all sizes with the brightest practitioners teaching topics on church communications, marketing, social media, production, first impressions, guest relations, and more.

You’ll walk away equipped and ready to implement the lessons needed to amplify your message, engage with your community, and grow your church – not just on Sundays, but throughout the week wherever they are.

That Church Conference is not the type of conference where you sit and listen, but instead you do and practice.

We do things a little differently than you might expect from a church conference. That’s because we want you to be different.

So many churches blend into the culture around them, without making any significant impact to it. The tools we provide equip churches to stand out, to make an impact, to not go unnoticed. And when that happens the church can reach more people.

We can’t get there just by listening to the same feel good theories we’ve heard for years. Our desire is for the church to be change makers and change leaders, especially in the digital space.

God knew this world would be a digital one – the church should not be the last to figure that out. That’s the core belief behind our practical approach to teaching and in every resource we provide.

– Justin Dean

Co-Founder and Creator of That Church Conference

Practitioners Over Theory

We bring you speakers who live in the trenches, provide practical instruction, and who practice what they preach. No motivational speakers. No theories.

Church is Essential

We believe the Church is God's Plan A... and there is no Plan B. But Jesus didn't give many instructions on how to do or be the church in the 21st century. We strive to help churches share the gospel using the tools and resources of our day.

Generous Collaboration

We encourage and help foster collaboration and sharing of resources among our online and offline communities.

Matthew 28:19-20

disciples of all nations

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